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Review: Cherry Hill Park, College Park, Maryland

  We stayed eight nights at Cherry Hill Park so we could enjoy our nation's capital and not have to maneuver around Washington, D.C. with our F350 Super Duty! We have a standard back-in site that cost us $70.00 per... Continue Reading →


Three AC Units. Can You Run All Three

How to change your RV AC units from running two at a time to running all three at the same time.

Side Deck? Must Read

If your rig has an outside deck, READ THIS.

Gulfport, Mississippi

Holidays, Motorcycles, Sites, Restaurants, Casinos in the Gulf Coast

Gulfport, Mississippi – RV Park and Beach!

Gulfport, Mississippi - RV Park and Beach


So here we are one year into our adventure. We have traveled from California to New York and now at the Gulf Coast for this winter. We have golfed at some of the most beautiful golf courses, road our motorcycles... Continue Reading →


Wow.  One year on the road living full time.  Does not seem possible!  First of all, I miss our son.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Let's move on or I'll cry just typing about it. We have been everywhere, man...every where.  States we... Continue Reading →

Fido, Spot, Tank. Seriously.

Let's talk dogs in your RV.  If you are a weekend warrior, then taking Miffy with you to enjoy the outdoors is awesome.  I love dogs. Grew up with dogs.  My grandparents were farmers and they had cows, horses, sheep,... Continue Reading →


It has almost been a full year that we have been traveling our country and living in our RV.  It has been exhilarating, exuberant and exhausting! RV Lag is a thing!  A thing we did not realize before when we... Continue Reading →

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