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Catchy title, huh?!   Being a girl on the road in an RV takes planning!  The vast assortment of "girly" products a woman can use leans towards the outrageous.  I am just as guilty of this as anyone else! When... Continue Reading →



Driving is an American way of life and I for one enjoy touring around our country. Either driving a car, truck or motorcycle. First off though we must consider the dynamics involved with operating a vehicle with other folks in... Continue Reading →

Holidays on the Road.

Yep.  I miss being around my family during holidays.  I was raised that every holiday was a BIG deal!  Decorations, good cheer, great food.  My dear Mom was an incredible cook and my sweet Dad was the over-the-top decorator!  We... Continue Reading →

Cool, Clear, Water…”WATER”

Picture this:  You're on the road and you pull into a RV site and hook-up your unit to power, sewer and water. When that's done you go inside and make sure everything is working and then you feel like you are... Continue Reading →

The Bed. On a Bed.

    I don't care what RV dealers tell you -- an RV bed is NOT comfortable.  People spend a gazillion dollars on a RV, yet the mattresses are nothing more than sewn corners filled with tissue paper. Before we... Continue Reading →


Okay, we are out here now.  Our home just sold so there is no turning back. Three months on the road.  So, how do I feel? First of all I would have to say that I don't really miss having... Continue Reading →

The Maps…The Apps…WTH? Size DOES Matter.

So far on our journey, we have traveled and stayed in Nevada, California and Arizona.  Finding an RV site that will fit our rig has been the biggest obstacle! There are maps -- follow the sun, follow the warmer weather.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Nesting.

Nesting is usually done when pregnant - cleaning and organizing for the new arrival.  It can be a ritual of putting things into place.  That is what I am doing.  Nesting. For the past few nights, I have been preparing... Continue Reading →

The Bikes. Harley is Our Choice.

We ride Harley Davidson.  Our choice.  Kevin's bike is a 2006 Ultra Electric full dresser.  Big guy for sure!  He likes having the storage capacity with the pizza box on the back.  Heavy bike.  His name is "Willie" - after... Continue Reading →

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