Okay, so most RV’s that have three rooftop AC units will only allow you to run two at the same time. The reason for this is that the generator will trip out if you ran all three at the same time. If you are not an electrician like me, ¬†I would not recommend doing this. ¬†However, since we are headed to Arizona and Nevada

in June where temperatures can get up around 120 degrees, I wanted more AC if needed…and Sally says “we will need”!

To start with, you can only run three units if you are plugged into shore power – 50amp 240 volt service. I bought a single pole 20 amp breaker – Siemens brand to match my RV panel – one stacked single pole switch, one receptacle plate, 15′ of 2 conductor with ground #14 Romex, and a couple of red wire nuts. Total cost about $16.00.

If you buy these parts and call an experienced electrician, he should be able to do this project in about an hour. Ask him to make sure he balances the load on your main panel when installing the new breaker. I have attached a few pictures that show how our RV was set up. Also, I highly recommend that you label the stacked switches so future owners know that they will trip the generator main breaker if they attempt to run all three AC units on the generator.

Call a trained electrician and stay cool!


~ Kevin