Gulf Coast Holidays

While living in our RV, we celebrate most holidays on the road.  We make the best out of them wherever we go!

Thanksgiving was fun in 2017 as we were in Gulfport and had friends parked next to us.  I had a blast making a large, traditional dinner for four people!  Cooked the turkey in the RV in my roaster.  OMG…the RV smelled delicious for days!  Thank goodness our friends had a full-size refrigerator like ours so the spill-over of food had a place to go!

We also celebrated Christmas 2017 in Gulfport.  We were by ourselves this year.  We really did miss our family, but we had a great time nonetheless.  The City of Gulfport has a park names Jones Park.  At Christmas, they have a fantastic light/music display, Santa’s workshop, food and carnival rides.  We had the best time!

New Year’s Eve was exceptionally fun in the Gulf Coast!  Every casino had something fun to do even during the day!  We tried to have “as much fun as we could”!!!

Let me tell you about Mardi Gras in the Gulf Coast — more fun than anywhere else…EVER!  We dressed up and hit a parade in downtown Gulfport.  It was a blast!  From there we hit a casino where we had even more fun!  Mardi Gras in this area is too fun to miss!

Gulf Coast Fishing

Kevin purchased a fishing license while in Gulfport.  He fished from one of the piers (there are many) but didn’t catch too many.  They have private charters that will take you out into the Gulf.  He had fun nonetheless!  I became completely fascinated watching the shrimp boats going out and coming in.  Watched them as often as I could.

Gulf Coast Golfing

There are some beautiful golf courses in the area.  We really enjoyed ourselves. They are challenging for sure.  More sand and water than I can remember!  I tried my best to hit every one of them….sometimes, several times on one hole!  For Christmas, Kevin got a GoGolfGps ( and the courses in the Gulf were all listed.  If only he could beat me golfing!

Gulf Coast Casinos

Well, well…this is truly a mini Las Vegas!  If you like to gamble, the you will love this area.  We had a blast!  Big named properties such as Hard Rock and Harrah’s, but small casinos such as Boomtown and the Palace are there as well.  Open all the time means you can have fun any time you want!

Gulf Coast Restaurants

Love fresh seafood?  Then this area is just for you.  Fresh shrimp and fish every single day.  Like oysters?  Oyster houses everywhere.  Want something that doesn’t swim?  They have some amazing burger and rib joints as well.  And, of course, WAFFLE HOUSES ARE EVERYWHERE!  You can spend as little as you want on a meal or spend more for a fancy, schmancy meal.  The Gulf Coast has a bit of everything and it all tasted great to us! Each casino has several restaurants and buffets, too.  Get yourself a player’s card and play for food!

Gulf Coast Sites

You can visit the local museums for history.  Always fun to soak up the local flavor.  Also the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center hosts many events – music to rodeos!  We attended a rodeo there and had a great time (except the smell!)

Gulfport is only 1.5 hours from New Orleans SO you must take a day or two to go visit.  Eat beignets, drink Cafe du monde coffee, see the WWII museum, the Port area, St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Bourbon Street, the aquarium, the music, the gumbo and everything else NOLA has to offer!

Gulf Coast Motorcycling

You can ride for miles on Route 90 along the beach and head into Bay St. Louis, Mississippi over a fun bridge or up to the DeSoto National Forest for some beautiful back roads.  There is a helmet law in Mississippi, so be aware of that.  Also, be cautious to wait that extra 2 seconds before you start-up from a stop light.  We saw many, many people blow through their red light and were glad we paused.

Take a day and ride to New Orleans over Lake Ponchartrain!  What a ride that is!  Just make sure it’s not a windy day…you will thank me for that tip!

We enjoyed every minute on our bikes!


The Gulf Coast in Mississippi is a fantastic place to go.  You will not be bored, unless you want to be.  Sun, sand, water, great food, Southern hospitality (it really IS a thing), casinos, motorcycling…you name it, you can do it all here.

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and hope to visit again soon.

~ Sally