We have spent a lot of time in the Gulfport, Mississippi area over the winter months.  October through March.  Longest stationary period since we went full-time over a year ago.


We stayed at the Gulf Haven RV Resort on Broad Avenue in Gulfport.  My review is as follows:

This RV park is great for short-term parking.  Let’s say for three months.  Six months was a bit overkill.  Why?  They pack you in here like sardines in a can.  Having a big rig like we do and THE only RV with a side deck, packing someone on top of us is inhibiting for us.  If we want to sit on the side deck and someone is right on top of us, it’s like we are sitting in their rig.  Being stared at constantly is, well, nuts. If you can hear your neighbor chewing, you are TOO close!

The entire park is large gravel.  Always felt like we were popping tires driving on it!  Dust is minimal, but there is dust and gravel dust is hard to clean.

They have a very small pool.  I mean you can’t even do one lap in this pool, but to cool off or for children, it is ideal.  Always kept clean.  They have laundry facilities onsite but no showers or additional amenities.  If you need those, move up the road to Bay St. Louis and Buccaneer State Park.  That place is amazing!

The owners are not here.  Oh, they drive through every once in a great while, but not on site.  There is a gal in the office who tries very hard to be accommodating.  She is extremely pleasant, but not owning the park means she has limitations.  The camp hosts also try, but do not get the side deck thing so they kept putting people next to us blocking our gulf view (and yes, I did ask for that at the beginning because of our deck).  They are leaving here in April so there will be new hosts here.

This RV park is 500 feet from the beach.  Biggie plus there.  It is close to shopping, restaurants and casinos.  If you are looking for convenience, then this would be the place.  We paid the premium rate for a pull-through, full hook-up site of $560.00 per month.  Very, very reasonable.

A Waffle House is just around the corner and a hotel across the street when you have visitors!

Contact information:

Gulf Haven Campground

500 Broad Ave, Gulfport, MS 39501

Ask for Tammy!


The beaches on the Gulf of Mississippi are overlooked by many.  When you visit Florida beaches, it can be wall-to-wall people.  You visit the beaches down here, you are pressed to even see more than 10 people enjoying the solitude.

Now, the City of Gulfport needs to do a much better job keeping the beaches clean.  Kevin was the official “beach cleaner” for the entire six months we were here.  Some days, he would gather over two garbage bags of crap.  Some days there was barely anything.  Whatever the tide decided to throw in was what we experienced!  It was a daily adventure for sure.

The beaches in Biloxi are kept much nicer.  You can walk for 20 miles in one direction!   We did enjoy walking around four miles every day – weather permitting – right across the street from the RV Park.  As far as swimming in the Gulf down here…I would not recommend it.  The remnants of the BP oil spill several years ago is still prevalent.  Plus, there are many jellyfish and man of war that you see almost daily.  We merely enjoyed the walk and the amazing views.  This beach is perfect to take your chair, umbrella and book and enjoy the sights, sounds and sunshine.

Sitting on the beach watching the water, listening to the waves, watching the boats is an amazing way to spend an afternoon.  The Port of Gulfport – a busy international port – is less than two miles from the RV Park.  Fascinating to watch the huge cargo ships come in almost daily.  No unusual sounds or smells from the Port.  It is a well-oiled machine!

They did enlarge the beach by the RV Park while we were there.  Fascinating to watch just how they did it.  With past hurricane and the water constantly washing in, the sand was disappearing.  They set-up a dredging machine out in the water and pump sand from the floor of the Gulf right onto the beach.  Voila!  New beach.  I always wondered how the heck they keep the beach from washing out!

From the RV Park, we would walk on the beach to the next town West – Long Beach – and back.  1.5 miles each way.  Any stress was quickly washed away with the sun and surf. We would also walk to the East – about 1.25 miles each way – down to the Island View Casino.  Have breakfast or lunch, play a bit, and walk back to the Park.  Another fun thing to do.

There are fire pits on the beach as well.  Bring your own wood, chairs, and fun people and enjoy the sunset with a roaring fire!

There were many, many piers before Hurricane Katrina appeared in 2005.  They were destroyed.  Many were rebuilt, but many more were not.  Same goes for all the beautiful beachfront homes.  You walk by empty lot after empty lot, many with concrete slabs still in place and wonder what type of home was there and if the people made it out safely.  30 foot of water swelled and engulfed so much in the Gulfport and Biloxi areas.  As we walked and found a 30-foot guide, it was ominous to realize the devastation Katrina left.  With the Port of Gulfport about two miles from the RV Park, hundreds of cargo containers slammed into the beach front properties totally destroying them.  As we talked to the local people, they filled us in on the terror Katrina brought with her before and even years after.  Seeing the huge, old trees still bare from Katrina, an eerie sense of reality swept over us from time to time.


Next blog will focus on Eateries, Casinos, Fishing, Holidays, Golfing, and more!  The Gulf Coast in Mississippi is a fantastic place!

~ Sally