So here we are one year into our adventure. We have traveled from California to New York and now at the Gulf Coast for this winter. We have golfed at some of the most beautiful golf courses, road our motorcycles through mountains out west and east seeing great valleys, rivers, canyons, forests, and waterfalls. We drove our truck to the top of Pikes Peak. We have visited numerous museums, all over Washington DC, including the Baseball and Football Hall of fame. We hiked in several canyons and forests. I estimate we hauled our RV about 6500 miles while doing this.

If I had to pick the best of this last year, I guess it would have been our visit to our nation’s capital. I highly recommend to other RV’ers that you stay at the Cherry Hill RV park. This is a great park and is just 10 minutes from the train into DC. Getting around DC is easy from there and most all the museums are free to the public. Arlington Cemetery was a great stop where we saw the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, plus we also visited the grave site of  President John and Robert Kennedy. The war monuments are also great to see — we even found a name on the Vietnam wall for one of Sally’s friends back in Illinois. I left Washington with awe and respect for all the past people that have sacrificed everything to give us the freedoms we enjoy today along with those who took huge risks to advance society as a whole.

We had mostly minor problems with our RV during our trip. The worst just happened a few weeks ago when we were struck by lightning. We had to replace our 55″ TV and one DVD player, both mostly covered by insurance. Bad weather in an RV can be a little scary at times. When bad weather threatens, we usually go to the nearest restaurant or substantial structure to wait out any possible high wind events. We did this three times so far with the one time being the lightning strike. Not too bad in the course of one year.

So here is what I have found out about living on the road so far: The weather is always great. If it’s too cold or too hot, just move on down the road to a better climate. There are great things to see and do all over this country. Take plenty of pictures while traveling.  Looking at them after a year is amazing. Don’t waste money on super fancy RV parks as most of the time you are away from the park seeing the sites anyway. Check reviews for RV parks before reserving a spot. Plan ahead so you can reserve RV spots before places book up during peak travel periods. Join RV clubs as they can save you hundreds on site rental. When hauling your RV drive on weekdays and during the day — less traffic, fewer animals to hit, and more services are open if you need them. Always check out roads you will be traveling to avoid low bridges and narrow roads with hair-pin turns. Download the golf apps (LAST MINUTE GOLF) and (GOLF NOW) free apps that save hundreds on green fees. Try and avoid eating out too much as it’s easy to pack on the pounds. Fellow RV folks are generally very kind and helpful (at times long-winded sharing stories) when you have questions about areas you are staying and headed to. Avoid visiting new neighbors while they are setting up.  They are trying to get to ‘Miller Time’. Keep your truck and RV serviced with oil changes, axles, tires, etc. for safe traveling. Small living quarters keeps ‘Mommies’ from shopping as much (saves money).

Be back soon with more adventures!

~ Kevin