Wow.  One year on the road living full time.  Does not seem possible!  First of all, I miss our son.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Let’s move on or I’ll cry just typing about it.

We have been everywhere, man…every where.  States we have been to or through in the past year:  Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Colorado, California, Ohio, Indiana, Washington, DC, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Utah, Canada, Pennsylvania, Kansas…and I know I’m missing a few!

There are over 3 million people who live on the road just like us.  To put that into perspective, that is CHICAGO on the road! They are traveling our beautiful country and experiencing all that there is from state-to-state.  We have learned from seasoned veterans and they have learned from us.  RV people are some of the happiest people we have ever met!  All ages, too.  I thought we would always be on the younger side of the RV world, but that is just not true.  Many people run their businesses from their RV — just like I do.  Their customers/clients are all over the country — just like mine. It is always fun for me to talk to other business people while on the road.  I have learned some great tips and made some great connections.

At the beginning of our adventure, we chose the RV parks with the most stuff — pools, clubhouses, tons of amenities.  Dumb!  The cost is stupid silly!  We now ask if they have 50AMP electric, sewer hook-ups and water, level spots and a safe environment.  We have saved thousands of dollars doing it this way.  We have also learned that not all RV parks are actually RV parks.  Many are permanent mobile home parks peppered with RV’s.  The sites are smaller and tighter but the cost is high.  It’s all about situational awareness! We don’t want to do that again!  Lesson learned.

Do I miss having a home?  Only on holidays!  I miss having our son come home and I miss decorating.  I don’t miss all the housework, the maintenance, the upkeep, the winterizing, the cost.

I miss seeing my friends and family in person.  Going out to breakfast and lunch, shopping, girl giggles, etc.  I do miss that.

I miss my stuff!  I’m having decorating withdrawals!  Sure, I could decorate the hell out of this RV, but the added weight would not be a good idea to haul around.  Smh.

My favorite spots that we stayed would be Mesa, Arizona, Laughlin, Nevada, Cedar City, Utah, Washington, DC, and Gulfport, Mississippi.  I can see us going back to those locations and enjoying the beauty once again.  Plus, we want to spend more time in Colorado, but one must plan that trip WAY ahead of time.  The parks we wanted book up months and months in advance.  Colorado has a different “feel” to it.  A free-thinking feel.  I dig that.

Would I do this all over again now that I know what I know?  HELL YES!  The freedom I feel in my soul is incredible.  People really are the same from coast to coast.  You meet awesome people and you meet people that you wish you would not have.  Doesn’t seem to matter the locale.  It is just the people.  Or perhaps, it is just me.

Did we choose the right RV for us?  Yep!  I am so glad we upgraded our bed in the RV.  The bed the unit came with was horrible.  I do, however, miss my enormous California King bed set!  With two motorcycles, we knew we needed a Toy Hauler.  We knew we needed as much storage as we could get.  We knew we needed a place for my office.  We found the right rig for us.  We have the Heartland Cyclone 4250 and it has been road worthy and just right for our needs.

Did we choose the right truck for us?  Absolutely!  We have the Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel.  This bad boy — his name is Merle — can climb without coughing hauling a 44′ toy hauler and not miss a beat.  We have talked with other RV’ers who have a Chevy or Dodge.  They wish they would have upgraded to the Ford.

I have learned to live as a minimalist…something I never, ever, ever, thought I could do!  There are times, however, I think about all the cool stuff we have in storage!

We cook a lot in the RV.  We really prefer cooking to eating out all the time.  I now my kitchen is clean!  But, it’s like I have forgotten ALL my recipes on the road!  I will stand and stare at food at the grocery store trying to remember what the hell I would have made with THAT food!

I don’t miss winter clothes or winter boots.  Nope.  Not even a little.  I like having feeling in my hands and feet!  I have also — for the first time in 10 years — gone an entire winter without having to take additional Vitamin D12.  First.  Time.  Thank you sunshine!

We have learned to only drive this beast during the day.  You do get road fatigue as you travel — no matter what you eat, how much you sleep or how many times you stop.  The fatigue sneaks up on you.  Kevin does all the driving when we are pulling the RV, so no more night driving for us.  We have stayed in rest stops, truck stops and RV parks along our travels.   Remember my post on RV Lag?  It’s totally true.

The motorcycle rides we have experienced were fantastic!  Riding up mountains, smelling the pine, searching for a bathroom!!!  We enjoy every moment.

The golf courses we have played have been challenging and gorgeous.  I must keep up my record of winning!  Arizona and California have some of the most beautiful golf courses so far.

What is difficult living on the road?  Well, finding the right beautician to cut my hair is one!  Finding the right medical and dental care can be tricky as well.   Not all Urgent Care facilities are good.  Research must be done before you just walk in to a place.  Oh, and NO ONE wants to take out another doctor’s stitches!  We learned how to do that ourselves.  There is a You Tube video for everything!

Internet on the Road can also be an issue.  I work every day and I require a strong internet connection.  Took us a few months to figure out that getting a personal hub for internet is by far the best way to go.  It is secure and faster than anything you will find in RV parks.  The cost of doing business!

How long will we stay on the road?  We have NO idea!  We are still looking for our permanent home.  We like Nevada — except for the summer.  We like the gulf coast in Mississippi — except for the summer and those pesky hurricanes.  We like Arizona — except for the summer.  We are still searching and still exploring.  We are in no hurry!

We have made two trips back to Illinois – our home state – to see our son and his fiancé, our family, our friends, our medical team!  Our son is getting married in May 2018, so we will be back for that beautiful event!  Our niece gets married in May as well, so we will travel to Indiana for that special event as well.   Other than that, 2018 is WIDE open!

We do have places in mind to travel in 2018.  Keep an eye on us…we have only just begun!  So many more places to explore.  So many more roads to travel.

One year living full-time on the road has been an adventure of a lifetime and I thank God every day that I have had the ability to do this with the love of my life.

See you on the road!

~ Sally