Let’s talk dogs in your RV.  If you are a weekend warrior, then taking Miffy with you to enjoy the outdoors is awesome.  I love dogs. Grew up with dogs.  My grandparents were farmers and they had cows, horses, sheep, goats, cats, dogs, chickens, and on and on. However, taking your pets with you for an extended period of time or living on the road like we do is completely another story.

We have seen many RV owners with their pets — mainly dogs.  The little guys seem easier for people to deal with.  The large guys, well, not so much.

Example:  In Utah, a 35 foot RV was next to ours.  They were an older couple in their late ’70’s.  They had three HUGE dogs.  I mean HUGE.  Over 100 pounds per dog. They put up a wire fence for them outside.  Not big enough for them to run around.  They really didn’t think those dogs couldn’t knock that down with ease, did they?  The woman walked all three dogs several times a day.  Or should I say the DOGS walked her several times a day.  The remainder of the time, the dogs barked or growled incessantly.  And when the couple would leave for short periods of time, the entire RV rocked from them running to and fro.

The little dogs — especially the yipping dogs — who bark ALL the time are interesting.  They seem calm when their humans are around, but the MOMENT they leave, YIP YIP YIP for almost the entire time they are gone.  Do they know this?  Or do they just not care?

Here’s my point: I think it is mean and cruel to take a pet or pets with you on the road and leave them in the RV for any extended period of time.  Dogs need exercise.  They need fresh air.  They need the opportunity to explore outside.  They don’t need to be locked up inside a box.  I have been close to calling the SPCA on people who leave their dogs for hours and hours allowing them to bark the entire time.  I consider this cruelty to animals.  The dog is scared.  It is woefully obvious with the type of bark scream they are doing.

So, before you decide to hit the road, don’t get a pet.  Wait until you land somewhere where they have the freedom to live.  If you already have a pet, then, for the Love of God, take care of it and be considerate to others and realize that their “cute barking” is not so cute to people around you.

Fido, Spot, Tank…they just might not be road friendly.

~ Sally