It has almost been a full year that we have been traveling our country and living in our RV.  It has been exhilarating, exuberant and exhausting!

RV Lag is a thing!  A thing we did not realize before when we were week-end warriors.  On week-ends, you cram as much fun as possible into two days.  We have been trying to do that every single day for almost a year.  Yawn!

Now, I know you are rolling your eyes.  “Try living in a house and working every day”.  I do that in our RV.   “You poor thing having to travel the country”.   We worked our butts off for 36 years for this privilege.  We shall apologize to no one for it!  We are truly blessed and we know it.  We thank our creator daily.  What are YOU doing to move yourself to something like this?

I get it.  I had NO idea there was such as thing as RV Lag.  Maybe I am the first to coin this phrase.  I NOW OWN IT!  Intellectual property, you know!

We are not “sitters”.  We are “movers”.  Get up…let’s walk, let’s hike, let’s swim, let’s golf, let’s ride our motorcycles, let’s go be ADVENTURERS!  Except for one tiny thing: we are not resting enough!

We have been everywhere, man.  Everywhere.  Seen some incredible places.  Met some cool and outrageous people.  State to State, highway to highway.  We are worn out!

We have planted ourselves until March of 2018 and we are REALLY happy about it!  Not having to maneuver this big rig for a few months will give us the rest we need.  Except for the “let’s walk, let’s hike, let’s swim, etc.” that we will do every single day.

I work.  I work a LOT.  I really enjoy what I do so it doesn’t feel like work to me.  A full day of work and activities is really THE way to live.  Sitting is not.  My Dad always said, “I’ll rest when I die”.  He was absolutely right.  There is too much to see, experience and do to sit still.

So, get up!  Get moving.  Get LIVING.

RV Lag shall be put to rest for a few months.

~ Sally