After staying by Canton, Ohio to see the Football Hall of Fame.  We stayed at Cutty’s Camping Resort in Ohio.  It is a large RV/mobile home park.  Sites were level and customer service was good.   Next up was New York to visit Niagra Falls and the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was the middle of August and the weather was great.  We really enjoyed the Football Hall of Fame.  We are Chicago Bear’s fans so seeing past players and coaches was awesome.  About $25 each to enter, but worth it.  You can get your tickets online, but don’t bother paying for parking.  You won’t need it…they didn’t even ask us for it at the door!  Beautiful museum.

Time to move to Niagara Falls, Hartland Camping Resort in Gasport, New York.  This is likely the most run down Camp Ground we have ever visited. It did have full hook-ups but the park  had a lot of run down RV’s in it for seasonal campers. The playground for the kiddies was  mostly homemade wood objects & old tires with a couple chicken coupes stationed nearby and live roosters crowing as we drove in. A shirtless/shoeless gentleman set the pace by driving his truck around the resort with a confederate flag hanging off the rear bumper. Oh well…we wouldn’t be here that much anyway as we had many sites to see. Besides I found it very difficult locating a place that could accommodate our 44′ 5th wheel in the Niagara area that wasn’t already booked up. It was suggested by some that Niagara is a place you want to stay for a week but not longer and I would agree with that as the whole of Niagara County seems to be a depressed area with little to see but the falls. I think 3-4 days would be plenty!


The falls were rather inspiring, millions of gallons flowing over them every second of every day. We parked our truck and walked about 5 or so miles that day entering into Canada on foot to see the Horseshoe Falls and dining there overlooking the falls. It costs fifty cents to re-enter the US at the border so bring some quarters  along in the event that the change machines are not working.

The town of Niagra itself and over on the Canadian side are full of touristy stores and things to see. We did go into the Guinness world records building that costs $10.00 each but found it to be disappointing as with most of the places it was kind of a tourist trap.

So our next stop was the Lake of Ontario where we saw some parks and a few monuments about the war with the British and stories of routes for slaves that were going to Canada to escape the US back in the 1800’s. The lake area was beautiful but most of the restaurants were closed that day for some reason.


We did find that there are many vegetable stands along the roads in this area offering a large selection of fruits and vegetables. Sally made us a great peach cobbler!

Our visit now complete we were ready to move onto Cooperstown.

The next stop was Cooperstown Shadow Brook Campground. I give it very high marks!  Located just 12 miles from Cooperstown next to county highway 31. If you stay here please use the directions the RV park has on the website as many of the roads near here are not large RV friendly. The park owners were very friendly and there were hay rack rides, fishing pond, (catch and release), game room, pool, etc. with lots to do for kids.


This is also a great place to ride motorcycles. The roads here are hilly, lined with beautiful forests and streams. We ended up requesting a another 4 days for our stay here as we enjoyed the area so much. Again you will find lots of roadside stands, vineyards, and places to explore. As luck would have it, we found out that the Chicago Cubs World Series trophy would be in Cooperstown for two days one weekend. We went on down to the Baseball Hall of Fame cost about $25.00 each to go in. We were able to find parking for free along a side street about four blocks from the Hall. There are other pay parking lots closer that are reasonable.

Sally and I waited our entire lives to see the Cubs win the World Series and getting to stand next to the trophy with flat screen tv’s playing high lights of the series in the back ground sent chills up our spines! Besides that, the hall was well worth the price of admission. If you are a baseball fan this is one place to put on your bucket list.

Great town and area to visit lots of shops and things to see and do here. We are currently in the Washington, DC area and have visited the National Mall area several times already.  More to come!

~ Kevin