We stayed at the Niagara Hartland Camping Resort, Gasport, New York in August of 2017.  It has water, sewer, 30/50A electric and some scary outbuildings that we did not go into.

This place COULD possibly be nice.  However, the grass around our rig had not been mowed for months.  A lot of dirt and gravel and untrimmed trees.  Liter plastic bottles were used to cover open drains.  There is swamp that surrounds this place so the bugs are ridiculous.  There are many people who reside there full-time and a few of them are rude to the point of stupid.  One loser in particular that thought it was okay to ride around in his red truck with his confederate flag waving off the back.  Not going anywhere…just riding around the park.

The man that got us registered is the owner.  Nice enough man, but never saw him outside the office area.

We stayed there due to the closeness to Niagara Falls.  We will never, ever visit this place again.  Ever.  Whatever we paid was TOO much.  You have been warned.

I usually give out the address and info, but not this time.

~ Sally