So far our 2017 Cyclone 4250 has been for the most part operating fine since we first headed out on our nation-wide tour. One evening, however, when we got back from a motorcycle ride, we found water was running out of the bottom of the RV. After a closer look the water was running out from two small hoses. I had the 4-way water valve switched to the city position which means that all the sinks and bathrooms are directly inline with the RV park water supply.  This means that the fresh water tank is empty and we don’t need to pump water from that tank for daily use. I checked the water gage inside the RV control panel and found that the fresh water tank was full and was likely overflowing out the two small over-flow hoses under the RV. I turned off the city water and flipped the water valve to “tank” and turned on the water pump which allowed us to use only the water in the 100 gallon fresh water tank.

My next move was to email Heartland (the manufacturer of this rig) and ask them what my problem might be.  It took the only a few minutes to reply that the 4-way water selector valve switch may have a bad o-ring and water was likely bleeding past the o-ring thus filling the fresh water tank when the valve was in the city water position. They offered to send me a new valve that I could install or they could find me a place to have it installed. I told them to send it and I would look it over and install it if I thought I was capable of doing so.

I received the new valve and the instructions were very good.  I was able to fix it myself in about five minutes. The picture below shows the old valve where you can see the cracked o-ring on the left that caused the water leak. If you end up having this issue it’s an easy fix and once again I must compliment Heartland for backing their product with prompt service/parts. One lesson I can pass along is that whenever you leave your RV for a long period of time, turn off the main water supply. Unattended RV’s with water pressure applied could leak and damage the floors or furniture.  Better safe than flooded!

~  Kevin