Anyone that travels understands that 9 hours in a car or truck is a LONG time.  Route 70 from the eastern part of Colorado to Kansas City, MO is, well, boring.  To amuse myself, I came up with a list of musings:

  1.  This is a LONG, boring trip.
  2. A certain “funk” happens even if you shower.
  3. Rain makes me need to pee.
  4. Sirius radio is WELL worth the cost.
  5. I need to brush my teeth like after about an hour.
  6. I forgot how many ’70’s songs I know every word to.
  7. I sing every song whether I know the words or not!
  8. My husband is forced to answer a myriad of questions that bombard him all at the same time.  (He also forced me to put this one in my list.)
  9. There are some seriously BAD drivers with death wishes on the highway.
  10. I’m sure we have blood clots in our legs.
  11. Gas stations off the highway really NEED to advertise they sell diesel fuel AND can fit semi trucks.  Sheesh already.
  12. Steeples off in the distance are peaceful.
  13. Truck stops are not scary.  Well, 95% of them are not.
  14. Dashboard dining is very messy.
  15. Texting while driving is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.
  16. We need our eyes checks.  Damn signs are too small.
  17. I yell out loud at every Starbucks and Waffle House I see.
  18. What the hell is THAT smell?
  19. No place I’d rather be.
  20. My country is beautiful.

Getting from point A to point B can be tedious but can also be a fun adventure.  That is if you can locate THAT smell.

~ Sally