This was not our original destination in Mesa, Arizona.  We had booked a spot from January 29 to the end of March at View Point RV in Mesa.  I called them several times to make sure they had a spot large enough for us.  When we arrived on a Friday afternoon, no one there to assist us in the office.  They close at 4:00 – we were there at 3:50.  Waited until Monday – parked in a designated spot by the office per the maintenance guy.  We walked the park Saturday and saw not ONE spot that would fit this 44′ rig. We measured over and over.  We would either drive over a tree or knock down their water valves. Where exactly did they think they were going to fit us?  Sunday afternoon as we were watching football, we were heading out for a walk only to find a PARKING TICKET on our truck!  We parked exactly where they TOLD us to park, yet their ninja workers slapped a ticket on us.  This was the start of nothing good to come.  Sally was geared up.

Come Monday morning, Sally trotted into the office and started the “you cannot fit us” routine and on top of this, a PARKING TICKET.   After 2 hours of going back and forth (they were NOT going to refund our money since THEY said THEY could fit us), they sent us to look at their sister property in Mesa.  They DID have spots to fit us.  We moved immediately.  We would never, ever stay at View Point RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona again.

Let’s get one thing straight:  The advertising of RV Park is LOOSE.  These mega parks are mobile home parks that they pepper RV’s into and many spots are so small, a 30′ rig would have trouble.

Off to Mesa Spirit RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona.  Greeted warmly and they took us to our site.  It took 3 men, Kevin, Sally, removing 3 mailboxes and them having to give us an additional rear spot for free to get us in.  Sure….they have spots to fit us.  Now, they do have pull-thru spots, but we were not lucky enough to get one of those.  Why?  I have NO idea.  We saw empty pull-thru spots the entire time we were there.

Even after being there as long as we were, we still have “their” people knocking on our door asking why we had two spots instead of one.  Ummm, because YOU had to give us that spot to fit us.  Around and around we went.  Sigh.  Plus the lady who lived in a mobile home unit across the street was on “watch” 24-hours a day.  That got old after the first damn day.

They, too, have permanent mobile home units on site and they pepper RV’s into this mix. Why, oh, why do they NOT put ALL the RV’s in the same location?

This property and View Point are owned by Encore.  They are well maintained and have planned activities.  Mesa Spirit has three pools (one that the mobile home owners consume and give you dirty looks if you try to enter), a shuffleboard court, pickle ball courts, laundry, fitness center, small library, onsite cafe with planned food days. They do have internet/WiFi, and it works most of the time.  They market “high speed”, but I would argue that one!  Close to everything.  Difficult to find at the beginning since their sign to enter is hidden by other business signs.  They do have a guard on duty off their Main Street entrance and a gate at the other entrance that requires a key card.  A key card that we were not given.  If you have visitors overnight, you pay additional for them.

They have mailboxes on site so getting your mail is easy.  The post office actually delivers right to your site.  UPS/FedEx also delivers onsite.

Prices range from $340 per week to $470 per week not including your electric which is extra at the end of every month.  So, not a cheap location, but that is what happens in the winter months in every warm climate so far.

Mesa weather in the winter is delightful.  Sunshine almost every day.  Summer weather is hot and dry.  We are Chicago Cub’s fans so we took in five games while there.  Go Cubs!

Mesa is a very busy hub with tons of shopping, food and other services. Camping World is just down the street and RV dealers and repair locations within 5 miles of the resort for convenience.  The mountains are beautiful and the sunshine plentiful.  The prices are, well, high, but if you are looking to escape the cold, Arizona is your place for winter.

Will we return to Mesa?  Sure.  Will we return to Mesa Spirit RV Resort?  Nope.  There are so many other RV parks that we saw while out exploring that will fit us and the prices are considerably less.  Plus, they are true RV resorts without permanent mobile homes onsite.  We have learned our lesson!

Mesa Spirit RV Resort

Address:  3020 E. Main Street

Mesa, Arizona  85213

Phone: 480-832-1770

Photos taken from Mesa Spirit RV Website