I’ve said it before and I will say it again: other than missing my son/family and friends, the hardest thing while living on the road is finding locations, planning your trips, and booking the right spots.

It is universal…customer service is just not what it used to be!  Now, I realize that just because I want someone to either email me back or call me back does not mean they will.  I am still waiting to hear back from a RV park from January!  Is it really that hard for people to return messages to people who WANT to spend their money at your location?

Many RV’ers understand with a big rig you just cannot fit into certain RV/camping spots. Oh, believe me, they will try REALLY hard to squeeze us in!  When many of the RV/camp parks were built, they were not built for 44′ long beasts.  They were built for 20′ to 30′ campers.  Yet, instead of upgrading a few to accommodate the bigger rigs (and ours is NOT the biggest), they still try to squeeze the larger units into the smaller spots.  Now, I’m no math genius or engineer, but how can a 44′ long unit fit into a 30′ spot?

It’s true.  I’m a planner.  It is both a curse and an attribute.  We have talked to some people on the road that “wing” it with regards to RV parks.  However, they are in rigs between 30′ and 35′ so that makes it a lot easier for them.  It is just not as easy for us.

So, I started the research and plan for December and January.  We were getting a little tired of being charged $2,500 a month for sunshine!  I just knew there had to be a better alternative.  There is.

Florida:  I do love Florida.  Every winter growing up, my family took winter vacations to Marathon, Florida.  I have so many fabulous memories!   Love the beaches, the sand in my toes, the fishing, the rum drinks in coconuts, the endless sunshine, the delicious key lime pie.  What I do not love are the winter prices.  Good heavens!  No different than Palm Desert, California or Mesa, Arizona.  Sand just should not be that expensive!  After all, I hail from the “sand capital of the world”!  Many of the RV parks have “snow bird” rates.  Which is layman’s terms means “A LOT MORE MONEY”.  Well, not for us.  You gouge us one time and I will write about it, shout it from the mountain tops, and make darn sure everyone around us knows.

Onward to Mississippi:  Hey, now…what about sunny Mississippi?  Right on the Gulf?  Sand, sunshine, water, rum drinks in coconuts, AND PRICES THAT ARE 1/3 LESS THAN FLORIDA, ARIZONA OR CALIFORNIA.  Not kidding.

I searched.  I read reviews.  I called around.  Kevin looked on Google Earth to make sure they were not embellishing their location.  I scored!  Found an amazing, no-frills RV park across the street from the beach and right next door to a WAFFLE HOUSE!  I must be dreaming.  This could not be true.  Well, after I called them (and had amazing customer service), I booked that RV park for two months.  Two months at this park is still under what we paid for one month in California or Arizona.  BOOM!

With so many people RV’g full-time, RV/camping parks really have to start to “up their games”.  There is over 3 MIL people living full-time on the road.  Our generation of RV’ers expect a lot more than previous generations.  Great customer service is one.  Spots that fit us is two.  Reasonable pricing is three.  Word-of-mouth networking is still THE most influential decision maker for people to plan their trip to your location.  We will tell everyone we see about our experiences – good, bad and ugly.

Only a few months before we enjoy the sand, surf, coconut drinks, fishing, and riding our motorcycles along the Gulf.

Research, plan, book.  Without those three things, even being a nomad can be stressful!

~ Sally