Like I stated previously in a blog message, trying to figure out what to bring on the road was difficult.

Going on six months on the road, I have figured out (and pretty quickly) that we messed up only two times:  clothing and a 6 foot ladder.

First the clothing:  What the hell was I thinking?  I only brought two pair of shorts and brought all these fancy schmancy shirts!  I need my shorts and more t-shirts!  I seemed to have packed Kevin much better than I packed myself.  I have re-packed the fancy shirts since the lizards and birds just don’t care about the “bling”.  Short shopping is not going well since I keep thinking about what I DO have in storage and am having a hard time justifying the purchase.

I obviously packed for the weather we were in when we left Illinois in November 2016 – jackets, jeans, fleece.   My mistake was not looking down the road at warmer weather.  Online shopping is easy except when you move around!

Dishes & Glasses:  Brought exactly what we needed.  Stayed with Corel and plastic.  Packed the heavy stoneware dishes and fancy bar wear.  Silverware and spoons, etc. are great.

Pots & Pans:  Brought the right number of those.  Large ceramic fry pan with lid, two smaller pans with lids, crock pot, large roaster.

Harley Wear:  Yep.  Brought all the right gear with us.

Tools:  Kevin brought enough tools to be dangerous!

Personal Items:  This includes a few photos on the walls and the personal items you use every day.  Yep.  Did that right!

Golf:  Check.  Golf clubs, shoes, clothing.

Office Equipment:  Again, I nailed that!  Mac computer, rolling file holder, back-up drive with all the materials I need on it, iPad, paper, etc.  I work every day on the road so I had to be hyper focused on my business materials.

So, we are back to clothing and a 6 foot ladder!  For the record…I did say many times to Mr. Ott that we should bring a 6 foot ladder with us.  He did not agree.  He does now!  We have a great 4 foot ladder, but even with Kevin’s height, he cannot reach the taller parts of the RV for maintenance.  Our rig is 13’3 or in other words, REALLY tall.

When you prepare to pack for the road, look outside your box when it comes to weather. I was in my little box at the time and wish I would have taken more time to figure that out!

Stuff.  You do need some of it!  Take the time to pack for the months you will be gone not just the moment.

~ Sally