There are two separate topics under the heading “Privacy”.  Let’s chat about privacy OF our RV when you have neighbors T H I S close to you.

The past 16 years, we lived on 1.33 acres of land.  Our closest neighbors were not right on top of us!  We – as did they – appreciated the space.  It’s an entirely different scenario on the road.

Some RV sites are bigger than others.  However, some are SO close, that you could pass a cup of sugar out your front door.  That is just TOO close for me.

How we handle that is easy: keep the rig closed up as much as possible which sometimes becomes the “hermit” way of life.  Not always our favorite way, but GAHHHH…some people will stop, stare AND talk loudly enough about you for you to hear them inside your rig.  We all know THOSE people who have NO boundaries!  Since we have a unique RV, we get this wherever we go.  Occasionally, the moment we step outside the rig, there will be someone waiting for us to answer questions!  We both enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories, but sometimes it becomes an invasion!  The occasional glance at our rig is great.  The stop, stare and talk about it is just plain weird!

Now, on to privacy IN the rig.  What privacy?!!!  When you have a home, you have options for your own privacy.  In an RV, those options become null and void!  I’ve heard myself saying “what the hell is he doing in there?  What’s he digging at now?”  I’m sure he has said the same things!  My favorite is when he ‘just wants to see’ what I’m doing even when I lock a door!

My hiding place is our garage where my office for Ottsie is located.  I work every day so he can have the “other” rooms during that time!  Luckily for us we have two outside decks – one off the side of the rig and the other off the garage.  These decks give us additional space but absolutely no privacy from anyone else!

Do I miss having my privacy?  Only a little bit and yes, that even surprises me!  Moral of this story is you better have a partner who is your best friend when you live on the road. Otherwise, hide the weapons.

Privacy and boundaries have taken on entirely new meanings!

~ Sally