For those of us that have ever gone camping, one of the best things is cooking and eating in the great outdoors.  Food just tastes better!

I remember when we bought our first RV – a used 20 year old class C Malard. The first thing you do before going on a trip is to stock up on groceries for the weekend and planning each meal for the trip. Back then a camping trip was more like a holiday so you planned a big breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and something to cook on the grill like steaks, pork chops, or burgers for supper, and always a baked potato and fries.

After a day of hiking the trails, fishing, or exploring the area there was nothing like a good meal with marshmallows and or dessert at the camp fire later that evening. In the morning a big breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon, or sausage was the normal thing to do each day.

So when we started out full time it was natural to do the same thing each and every day until we realized that our belts had to be loosened up a notch. Before starting our full time adventure, eating at home mostly consisted of a small breakfast, a lite lunch and a good dinner. Even though we now felt like everyday was a holiday, we just couldn’t eat like it’s was one.

Now it’s back to a healthier diet. Supper includes more salads, vegetables, fewer potatoes and desserts. Fast food is reserved for travel days between RV parks, dining out is mostly done when we are on day trips riding our motorcycles, and the big breakfast is reserved to a Sunday brunch we cook in the RV one time a week.

The belts are starting to be tightened back up. It’s easier preparing the smaller meals along with less clean up, leftover food to deal with etc. It’s a new freedom! Eat smarter, feel better, and enjoy the RV life!

~ Kevin