Catchy title, huh?!  

Being a girl on the road in an RV takes planning!  The vast assortment of “girly” products a woman can use leans towards the outrageous.  I am just as guilty of this as anyone else!

When I was going through my “stuff” getting ready to pack the RV back in November of 2016, I started to weigh the products that I was using.  The weight can add up quickly, much to my dismay.

I laid everything out on the floor and had to make some decisions as to what I really needed to take and what was, well, just over-the-top.  How many tubes of this and bottles of that did I really need?  In the house, I needed ALL OF THEM.  In the RV, I don’t.


I went and purchased a snapping plastic box.  Whatever fit into that box was all the make-up I needed.  I was amazed how much I ended up throwing out — some due to being old and disgusting, and some because I just never used it.  Simplified my process with ease!

I do recommend purchasing a suction cup make-up mirror for your RV, girls.  One that has a magnifying mirror.  The one I purchased was from Camping World for around $6.00.  Lighted and magnified.  Yay!


Shower products are also heavy.  I tailored that down as well to two body wash products and two shampoo/conditioner products.  I’ll bet I had 30 of them at home and only used 4!  I fell victim to the delicious aromas of products!

I went and found the cutest (and pink, of course) mini hair dryer for the RV instead of my HUGE one that I used in the house. A mini hair straightener was the replacement for the big one.  One styling brush, one comb, one bottle of mousse and one bottle of hairspray.  Use them up before purchasing more (my new motto).  By cutting back on product, I am also saving money.  The make-up and hair industry makes gazillions of dollars but not from this gal any more!


Paring down my shoes was the hardest for me.  I admit it: My name is Sally and I am a shoe-aholic.  No more high heels for this gal.  Tennis shoes, flip flops, casual sandals, golf shoes and motorcycle boots do the trick for me.  Shoes add up to a lot of weight as well and finding places to put them all can be tricky.


Going through my closet sent me into hyperventilation mode.  I JUST CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY CUTE CLOTHES.  Well, yes I can.  I will admit I did bring the wrong clothes.  Too many fancy tops and not enough shorts and t-shirts.  My Harley clothes and golf clothes take precedence now.  The fancy, schmancy clothes I bought were re-packed and a few were donated.  Just don’t need them!  Two fleece-type coats are all you need when you are chasing the sun around the USA!  Two pair of jeans, four pair of capri pants, and a few shorts are all I need.  Beachwear, of course!


My other trick is to use space bags for cool weather clothing and that one skirt I brought (just in case).  Space bags are magnificent for keeping clothing and bedding clean and taking up less space in your rig.  I bought the Ziploc multi sized bags.  Our rig has a central vac system so using these are a breeze!



If you use medication daily, pill bottles take a lot of room.  Time for you to invest in a better system for your RV.  So many plastic pill thingies out there for your to purchase.  Research the best one for your needs.  There are a lot of them out there now.  Don’t forget to bring your written prescriptions with you in the rig.


Finding a great place for a haircut or hair color on the road is not as easy as I thought it would be.  The first haircut was in Palm Desert, California.  This woman has to be named “Mrs. Edward Scissor Hands”.  It was one of the worst haircuts I have ever had.  I don’t fret much over my hair, but she cut the style right out of me!  When we arrived in Mesa, Arizona, I was on the hunt.  Found a cute place, researched them online, read reviews, walked in to look around and fell in love.  Babydoll Hair in Mesa, Arizona is outstanding!  I have had two cuts and a color from them and getting another cut tomorrow before we leave Arizona.  Back to researching again once we hit Nevada!


I have mentioned this before about packing earrings and necklaces for the road.  I admit it: My name is Sally and I am an earring-aholic.  It’s true.  I even shocked myself when I realized how many pairs I owned.  I went to a department store and bought a fishing tackle box (snaps closed).  Whatever fit in that is what I brought with me.  In five months, I have only worn 8 different pair of earrings.  But still I cannot part with them!  I’m working on that!

Women know that traveling with necklaces can be a mess.  I wanted to bring a few with me so I put small screw-in hooks inside a small closet in the rig bedroom.  No more messy necklaces!  Bracelets can be put in a ziplock bag or in your earring tackle box!

Think before you pack, girls.  Pack as evenly as you can and use plastic, snapping tubs to keep your things together.  Being a woman on the road does not mean you can’t be “girly”!

~ Sally