Yep.  I miss being around my family during holidays.  I was raised that every holiday was a BIG deal!  Decorations, good cheer, great food.  My dear Mom was an incredible cook and my sweet Dad was the over-the-top decorator!  We raised our son to enjoy every holiday no matter what it was.

Yep.  Kevin and I celebrate holidays like it’s the last one we will ever have!  You just don’t know, right?

Cooking holiday dinners in an RV can still be fun.  I did bring my large roaster with me just in case there is a turkey that needs to be cooked.  I brought a large crockpot just in case there is a ham, roast, or corned beef that needs perfection.  You should smell the RV when I cook something incredible!

Corned beef today – St. Pat’s Day.  We are both Irish lads and lassies so a St. Pat’s Day without corned beef is well, just dumb to us!  This RV smells delicious!

When you are packing for your trip — whether a month or a year or two like us — don’t forget to bring along your favorite recipes and your favorite cooking tools.  There are so many websites available to you for recipes but there is always Mom’s recipes that taste the very best!

Crockpots are great since you are not heating up your rig.  When you land at your location, stock up on your groceries then.  Less weight doing it that way instead of hauling the groceries and overloading your rig or refrigerator.

Holidays on the road can still be a big deal and loads of fun!


~ Sally