Not all RV parks are the same.  Just like hotels, each one is different even if they are owned by the same corporation.  Unique is great.

There is a park in Nevada called Sparks Marina RV Park in Sparks, Nevada.  This place looks awesome.  Large enough spaces for our big rig and lots of amenities.  I emailed them asking them for one of their 28-day stays.  My response was, well, confusing.

They would be happy to book us (last spot available so they say) but at a weekly rate (which is considerably higher) because THEY HAVE MET THEIR QUOTA FOR 28-DAY STAYS.

W H A T ???

I emailed them again asking them what the hell a “quota” was and how it was set.

Again, their response was “we can again sell 28-day spots beginning in OCTOBER”.


They urged me to take THEIR LAST AVAILABLE SPOT at a weekly rate that is MUCH higher than their 28-day stay.


Nope.  They are completely serious.

Since training customer service and sales has been part of my company for 30 years, I will NOT be taking them up on their very generous offer to screw me with their higher weekly rate.  I pity the fool that takes them up on this most ridiculous offer since there is nothing on their website or that they would actually tell me about what this quota of theirs is all about.  I know what it is all about…garbage.

I even told them that I wanted to get this straight so I could put this information on MY BLOG.  They said to state “we can begin booking 28-day stays again in October”.


Now, we all know what they are doing.  They are holding out a few spots (they say LAST ONE AVAILABLE) so they can make more money from people who just do not ask as many questions as I do.  It is their right to do that, but when pressed about it, you would think they would at least cut me some type of deal to BOOK THEIR LAST SPOT.  Nope.  This gal ‘ain’t no fool’.  Well, at least this time.

Caveat emptor.  We are moving on.

~ Sally