What exactly do you do when you need medical attention on the road?  You spend a lot of time researching unless it is an emergency.  Thank heavens for Google!

Some times reaching out to friends on social media can be helpful.  Case in point: we both need a test done.  Finding the right physician to do the procedure was not that easy.  I started by asking people I know in Arizona.  A location was given to me (I’m happy for that) and I started researching that Digestive Center.  Found a great physician who, by the way, called me to talk about the “tests” and get more insight about our needs.  I really, REALLY like the fact that she called me herself!  We now feel more comfortable.

When we left our home, I gathered our dental and vision records.  Hospital/physician records and our dermatology records can be easily gathered by phoning them a few days before any tests.  No need to haul those around.  Too much private information!

Glad I did bring the dental records since I had a chipped tooth and by having my last set of x-rays from my dentist, I did not have to pay for new ones.

There are Urgent Care facilities all over the country.  No longer do you have to find a doctor’s office.  The Urgent Care centers are fully equipped to help you with just about anything.  If they can’t, they send you to the hospital emergency room.  The cost at most Urgent Care centers is about the same as an ER visit.  The wait time is considerably less.

We are also very blessed to that our son’s girlfriend is a Pharmacist!  She can point us in the right direction for over-the-counter remedies depending on our symptoms.  I have never met a pharmacist that will not take the time to help you find the right OTC med.

I know it would be much different if either one of us were on daily medications.  Medical issues would then be a much bigger deal.  It could be managed, but it would take a lot more planning to get it done correctly.

Cheers to good health!

~ Sally