RV’ers understand toilet paper.  The RV toilet paper is horrible.  It’s thin to allow it to dissolve faster in the tank.  However, it is worse to use than a dried leaf.  Plus, it is way more expensive than regular TP.

After several years of tolerating this junk, we took a turn to the “normal”.  Standing in line at a camping store, we were discussing toilet paper (we live a fascinating life!).  Older gentlemen in line said “why are you using that junk?”  I said, “I thought we HAD to”.  He said for the last 16 years they have used septic safe regular toilet paper and never had an issue.


Back went the RV toilet paper and off to the grocery store we went.  It is so much better!  Still has a rapid dissolve feature for your RV tank, but you can actually USE it without it breaking apart!  We do recommend using Aqua-Kem in your toilets after every tank flush to help break everything down.  Ewww.


No more RV toilet paper for these people!  We are septic safe toilet paper people for life.

It’s the little things.

~ Sally