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I don’t care what RV dealers tell you — an RV bed is NOT comfortable.  People spend a gazillion dollars on a RV, yet the mattresses are nothing more than sewn corners filled with tissue paper.

Before we purchased our Cyclone 4250, we laid on a lot of beds!  Every one of them were stiff and thin.  I asked each sales rep about each bed.  Every time their answer was, “this is a premium bed”.  Listen, we left an oversized California King pillow top mattress when we hit the road.  There was NO way I was going to try to sleep on a bed of tissue paper.

I started to research alternatives.  Ended up purchasing a Sleep Number King RV bed.  That little baby cost us $1,800 but is so worth it.  Kevin and I can choose our own “number” and the mattress inflates or deflates depending on what we feel most comfortable with.  This baby is amazing!

Instead of taking out the mattress that came with the rig, we put the Sleep Number on top of it.  Even MORE comfortable!  Took no additional space to do this and it elevated the bed a bit making it easier to hop in.  Traditional King sheets work great.  No need to buy any specific RV bedding — besides, it costs more, of course.

If you plan on living even part-time in your RV, make darn sure your bed is comfortable.  If you need to upgrade, research all the products available before you buy.

Rest easy!

~ Sally