Okay, we are out here now.  Our home just sold so there is no turning back. Three months on the road.  So, how do I feel?

First of all I would have to say that I don’t really miss having a home anymore.   No snow to shovel, no grass to cut, and no property taxes to pay. We will always enjoy good weather as we move across this country of ours. Riding a motorcycle through mountains and valleys with breath-taking views fills our souls with the majesty of the great land in which we live.

Other RV’ers tell us about their life stories and share adventures and experiences so we can also find the hidden treasures in and around the new areas we are exploring. These are all people that will only be a temporary part of our new lives, but also give us new and lasting memories. We all learn from each other’s experiences, how to fix things, where to buy things, places to eat, things to see and do.

We live with total freedom. If you don’t like a place, you simply pack up and move on to another. RV parks offer a multitude of different amenities depending where you are. Some of these include, fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, swimming, pickleball, tennis, billiards, hiking, shuffle board, card games, cook outs, casinos, exercise rooms, and on and on.

To choose a park, a lot depends on what you need. For us we need good weather, WIFI, full hook-ups, and big rig sites. So we land at one location for about a month and then start looking to book the next location that meets our needs. Winter time is the most expensive as the whole country is looking for warmer weather and the RV parks know this and charge a premium. At this time of the year you can expect to pay around $1,000.00 or about $3,000.00 per month if you want a beach front site on the ocean. After that the prices will mostly be half that depending what the parks have to offer.

So since we left home in November, our costs have been around the $1,000.00 a month. Winter time requires more planning as the parks are crowded and big rig sites fill up quickly. I would also say it’s wise to join the Good Sam Club which costs about $30.00 a year, you will get 10% off at places that are Good Sam Members which can add up to hundreds in saving each year. Good Sam has websites to assist finding new parks as well.

Lastly it helps to have a partner that enjoys many of the same activities so you can share the experience on the road. Without my Sally, RV life would not be the same. So if you decide to do this make sure your partner is on board.

~ Kevin