Tire Minder.jpg

This gadget is something you really need to buy if you decide to pull a trailer behind your truck .  Most trailers come with the cheapest tires on the market so at some point you will likely have a flat. If a flat happens on your 5th wheel or travel trailer you might not even realize it until the tire breaks up and damages the plastic fenders most trailers have. Also it could cause you to lose control rounding a curve or breaking down a mountain road. Not to mention that once one tire is lost the other tires must take on the extra weight of the missing tire which could cause them to blow out as well.

The cost is not cheap the unit shown can run around $400.00 bucks. This Tire Minder will tell you tire temperature and alerts when pressure is declining giving you a chance to pull over before anything major happens. So far I have not had any tire issues as my 5th wheel is new and has only about 5000 miles on it. I have seen and run into other RV owners that have lost tires within a month or two of hitting the road full time. If you plan on buying a trailer, it’s a good idea to inspect the tires for wear and load ratings. We actually bought an extended tire warranty when we closed on our new RV.

Travel safe and we will see you on the road!

~ Kevin