So far on our journey, we have traveled and stayed in Nevada, California and Arizona.  Finding an RV site that will fit our rig has been the biggest obstacle!

There are maps — follow the sun, follow the warmer weather.  Sometimes doing it this way takes you through COLD weather to get there.  Not great with an RV.

There are apps — a TON of apps to use for RV/camp sites all over the country.  The issue we have with those are that they are not always accurate!  I can always tell who paid more money to be placed in prime spots on these apps.  Whether accurate or not.  Smh.

There is WTH? — Before we book a site, I call them and talk to them about the size of our rig, what we really need and what isn’t that important to us.  The sales people or owners are always nice, BUT so far, we have struck out 3 times trying to get a spot that is actually big enough.  I keep telling them “SIZE DOES MATTER”!

THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!  We are planning the next 6-8 months right now.  Looking for the sunshine and warmer climates so we don’t have to winterize our rig while on the road.  “Winterize” means NO water and no water while traveling can be most trying.  I realize many rv’ers stay in hotel rooms while on the move.  We have not done this yet.  We are pulling our “home” so why pay to stay in a hotel room?  I also know that there may be times we HAVE to do this.  Let’s hope we can find a parking lot big enough!

What always fascinates me is that when we get to a booked location, we see rigs even bigger than ours yet the location tries to squeeze us into a much smaller space.  When they actually come OUT of their offices and see the size, they change their minds!  Well, NO kidding!  Some of the Class A rigs are 5-8 feet bigger than us and many of them pull a car or truck behind them.  We have seen some gorgeous units!

There are thousands of places across the USA that we can choose from.  Finding that “right” spot has been, well, exhausting.  We have two tablets working, two phones searching, a laptop and a desktop all on search mode.  Wouldn’t you think we could figure this out?!

The other thing I find most interesting is that just because they call is a RV resort does not mean it actually is.  RV resorts in Arizona are using that terminology with a HUGE salt shaker!  RV resorts in the Mesa/Phoenix area are MOBILE HOME PARKS that pepper their open spaces with RVs.  So many of the actual RV sites are narrow and short.  Not all mobile home folks are nice, either, but I put myself in their “shoes” and feel that if I were living here, I might feel like they do — I live here, they are stopping here, and it keeps happening over and over and over disrupting their lives every few weeks.  Don’t get me wrong — there are many kind people that live in mobile home resorts and we have met some really cool people.   And believe me…not everyone likes motorcycles like we do!

So far we have booked one more location in northern Nevada for the month of April.  Fingers crossed it actually works without having to move 2-3 times to find a spot that fits us.  It’s just not that easy to maneuver this big rig around especially around corners INSIDE a RV resort!  I can see Kevin actually aging right before my eyes as he is doing this!

We have come to the conclusion that we will be charting the best and worst big RV rig locations throughout the country.  Someone has to!  An RV’ing map brought to you by RV’ers and not just taking the owners word that they can FIT big rigs or that they are truly an RV resort.  So far, only one location has been just for RV’s – Emerald Desert in Palm Desert, California.  All RV’s, fits big rigs, pool, pickle ball courts, tennis courts, putting and chipping greens, exercise room, laundry room, LARGE ENOUGH SPACES FOR THE BIG GUYS!  However, when we first arrived there in December, they, too, had to move us to a larger site.  44 feet means 44 feet and that is not completely OPEN.  Completely open our rig is 52 feet long and 18 feet wide.  And yes, we like to be OPEN when we set-up!  We are not the largest rig out there by any means.  I guess I need to talk to the rigs that are equal or larger than ours to find out what ENGLISH WORDS THEY ARE USING WHEN THEY CALL TO BOOK!  So far, this has escaped me!  We still have a lot to learn.

Size does matter.

~ Sally