Today I have a few items that we have on the road that makes life much more enjoyable.

The first item is something we had in our land based home, it’s a Vizio sound bar.Visio.jpeg

This speaker will connect to any bluetooth device and simply plugs into a 120V outlet, you  can blow the doors off your RV if you want it to. Now we have a radio/cd player with outdoor speakers that came with our RV but this is much better as you can put it anywhere you want. Cost about $80.00.

Next Item we bought was this wall mount fan.

Wall Mount Fan.jpg

This wall mount Lasco fan costs about $55.00 at Home Depot two screws to mount the bracket plug it into an outlet and it’s ready to go. a remote control and is very quiet. I had to run some wiremold up the wall and add an outlet so I wouldn’t have a cord hanging. A great option if your RV has no ceiling fans.

Another great item to have which we brought from our home is a Wii system. Ours is an older model but we still enjoy playing games on rainy days or sometimes when company comes by. Just had to run a video/sound cable from my Wii to the rear of the living room TV. You can also watch U-Tube or Netflex if you don’t have a smart TV.

If you haul motorcycles you will want to get these. I bought 2 and they run about $40 bucks each. I went to a Fastenal store and purchased 3/8″ threaded inserts for wood to fasten the chocks to the floor. After we unload the motorcycles the bolts for the chocks can be removed and all you see are the tops of the threaded inserts which are flush with the floor.


Threaded insert.jpgMotorcycle chocks.jpeg



The last item for today would be a gas grill. I bought this Coleman for about $170.00. It works great. It folds flat so it easily stores in the storage compartment under the RV.  You can buy the small green propane bottles which last for about four cook outs. Or better yet my RV has an external propane valve to connect to the grill right from the main propane tanks. I’m still looking to buy the hose.

Coleman Grill.jpg

The longer we “live” on the road, the more we realize that there are just some things we do not need and other things we do!  Storage is a minimum no matter what size your rig is.  Research everything before you purchase it.  Impulse buying is out the window!

~ Kevin