If you plan on driving your RV for any kind of distance you will find that it’s very difficult to see what’s going on behind your rig. Some newer RV’s actually come with backup cameras but in my case, our 5th wheel did not. It does have a power connection port centered just below the roof at the rear of my unit.

So my first thought was to go out and purchase a wireless camera and screen and I would be all set. After doing some research and talking to some other RV folks like my brother Terry, I was told that the wireless option was not a good one especially since the camera was going to be about 70′ from screen in the cabin of our truck.

I went online and found a weather proof camera and 7″ screen from TadiBrothers that was a hard-wired unit. I checked around and felt confident that for about $200.00 this should be a good fit for me.

The package came with a camera, 50′ of cable, and a 7″ monitor. Since my rig was so long I tossed the video cable they sent and purchased a 100′ cable. I was able to get this and a power cable from the rear of our RV to the tongue of our 5th wheel with enough slack to attached it to the brake/light cable that plugs into the rear of the truck . I now had a male video jack and power jack at the rear of the truck. Our Ford truck has aux power switches on the dash board with wires that extend under the hood. I found these and ran a power cable back to the rear box with a video cable from the driver’s side cab with female connectors in the box next to where the brake/light cable connects to the RV.  I mounted the camera plugged everything in flipped on the aux power switch and it all worked great.

After about three months we were getting prepared to head out on the road so I tested the camera and to my surprise it no longer worked. I grabbed a ladder and checked the weather-proof camera to find it full of water. Now the fun begins. I contacted TadiBrothers and requested a new camera. First they wanted me to verify that all my wiring was in good order and it seemed that they were trying to blame this problem on me. I then explained to them that the waterproof camera was full of water and asked if this is normal. Finally after some discussion, the TadiBrothers Tech told me he would send me a reconditioned camera for half price at which time I lost my s*$%. Then he said I needed to send the old camera in for repair and pay for postage, again I lost my s*$%. I then told him that it’s not my fault that his equipment was  faulty and I intended to post as many bad reviews as possible on the internet and Good Sam Club. The result: He sent me a UPS sticker for the old camera and a new camera came a week later. The new camera has performed as advertised so far on our journey to-date. The lesson here is to not let these companies push you around as they don’t like bad reviews.

~ Kevin