When you are a full-time RV’er, it helps to have good internet. Not only to email friends and family but also to run business. Many full time RV folks still work while on the road. I for one like to watch Netflex and browse the internet to find things when we land in a new area.

Most RV parks offer free WIFI these days, however if you have been around enough you become aware that the free WIFI is all too often lacking enough bandwidth to accommodate everyone that uses it.

So here I go looking for an answer to this issue. I often check Camping World when looking for RV equipment, and I found a product called Allpro PDQ connect WIFI range extender. It cost about $450.00. Next step was to check reviews and YouTube to see what other people thought of the product and it seemed like it would be a good purchase. I ordered it and when it came I opened to box and started installation.

Installation was fairly simple the unit comes with an antenna, an outdoor rated cat 5 cable, mounting brackets and a router – everything you need. I attached the antenna to my RV retractable antenna using clamps that came with the kit and fished the cat 5 cable down to my entertainment center plugged it into both the router and antenna and powered the unit up.

Now the tough part. The package came with a booklet that instructs you on how to set-up the router and login on your computer. I’m always terrible following all these instructions as most of the time I don’t understand all the computer lingo. After a couple hours I was starting to feel like I just flushed $450.00 bucks down the toilet. I emailed tech support than searched YouTube to see if a instruction video could be found and there was none. I than emailed tech support again and asked if I could return this piece of s%^& and left my phone number.

Much to my surprise a gentleman called me back, he spoke perfect english and talked me off the cliff. He went on to walk me through the setup and bingo, this PDQ Connect actually worked. In my trailer parked outside my home where I would normally have a couple bars of WIFI, I now had full signal. This was great – it’s just like having a router in your home. I can have a network to log into for iPads, computers, TV’s, printers, etc.

So now we are finally on the road and trying to use this device again. At each destination you will need to setup the PDQ router. And, as usual, I forgot how to set the router up so I emailed my guy at PDQ and he helped me get things going again. So far the PDQ has worked at all but one RV park. At that park the WIFI was pretty good anyway. And like anything else, if you use something a few times it gets easier to setup.

This gadget was kind of expensive but I’m happy that I made the purchase.

~ Kevin