Before we ever bought our 5th wheel, I did a bunch of google searches to see which brand was best and would give us the fewest problems. Most sites recommended that it was always best to buy a newer used  unit so all the bugs would have been worked out by the original owner. We attempted to find one like this but ended up buying a new 2017 Cyclone 4250 toy hauler as it best fit our needs for hauling two Harley motorcycles, 20,000 lbs of fun, I hoped. We took the unit out a few times over the summer to test everything out and contrary to what the folks on the internet warned me about it seemed we had a perfect working unit!

Now we are finally on the road headed from Ottawa, IL. to Laughlin NV, and the problems have started. First thing we noticed 2nd night out was that the refrigerator wasn’t cooling but the freezer was fine. We decided to push onward using ice in the refrigerator until we could get settled in Laughlin and find someone to fix it. Next the master bathroom toilet would not drain (the shitter is full!) This would have been really bad if we didn’t have a second toilet and black tank that would flush out. We continued on our journey to Laughlin.

The other issue we ran into was the weather. Leaving Ottawa, IL. late November had us racing southwest to avoid freezing temperatures. I didn’t want to winterize my unit with that pink RV antifreeze and not have any water for travel. On the side of our unit there was a sticker that said ARTIC PROTECTED so I emailed Heartland the manufacturer of our trailer to see how to turn this on. They kept telling me about a red switch which I could not find, I read through the maintenance manual which I noticed would be better used as toilet paper since it was just a generic booklet about every type of unit they ever made now and 50 years ago. Finally I went back on line and found my unit uses the heat from the furnace to heat the underbelly and keep the water lines warm up to 0 degrees. The guy from Heartland apparently didn’t have a clue about this but at least responded to my emails.

So now we land in Laughlin for a week or so. I contacted Heartland and to their credit they found a dealer about 5 miles away from us that could service our UNIT. We got there and the service was very good.  After about 4 hours they had the sewer issue repaired but were unable to tackle the refrigerator as it is a residential unit and a weird brand that no one heard of before (Hisense). I quickly got on the phone to see if anyone could repair our refrigerator from around the area, but no one ever heard of the Hisense brand so I was stuck again. I then emailed Heartland for help. They told me to call Hisense direct as they would get me a tech to fix the problem. I love calling these tech people–push one for English, enter your life history and hit 2, etc. — and then after several other push this and that I got a person that really can’t speak English at all. After about an hour on the phone with this guy I was told a service man would be out to repair the refrigerator in a few days. Of course now it’s Wednesday before Thanksgiving so after  few more calls and about 8 days we get our service man. This guy comes to the door and tells me he is a TV repair man but not to worry as Hisense has sent him the parts to fix the refrigerator. He opened up the inside panel and replaced the controls for the defroster. I noticed that the coils were packed with frost and suggested that we take a hair dryer and thaw them out before he put things back together. He told me that he would force the defroster in manual mode and after about 45 minutes all would be back to normal. Great, I thought! I went to get us some lunch since we didn’t have a lot of food on hand. I returned and Sally tells me to shut off the refrigerator, the repair man just called and said it could catch on fire, and to just leave it off for two hours to defrost. So I took the darn thing apart again, got a hair dryer and thawed it out in about 15 minutes so we could save the $200.00 of meat etc. in the freezer. $#&^%$#@* refrigerator is now repaired.

Now, how do you stop 50 mph wind gusts from tipping you over?  Stay tuned!

All is good for now!

~ Kevin