Nesting is usually done when pregnant – cleaning and organizing for the new arrival.  It can be a ritual of putting things into place.  That is what I am doing.  Nesting.

For the past few nights, I have been preparing our “nest” in the RV.  Putting things into their new place, organizing, pitching what I just thought I HAD to have, moving it again, and on and on.  I am finding out that everything does not have a place and it freaked me out a bit last night.

Nesting is something I think I have always done.  My Mom used to tell me I would “nest” even on vacations!  Build my little moat of stuff around me to make me more comfortable. By now, I am a master nester.

My husband does not nest.  He can sit or sleep anywhere at any time.  To me that is OUTRAGEOUS behavior!  So I shall continue to “nest” around him and then when he leaves for a moment, arrange his “nest” for him.  It’s what I do.

Two more rooms empty in our home.  One and one-half to go and they should be done tomorrow.  No more nesting in this amazing home for me.  I shall miss that especially during the holidays or any time our son would come home for a visit.

When I get stressed or emotional, nesting is a way for me to feel calm.  That and a new bottle of white rum.  And, yes, the rum has a place in the RV and in my “nest”.

A-nesting-I-shall-go.  It’s my art.

~ Sally