Last few days before we head out.  The stress and panic have set in, especially with me.  I am still working and my concentration level is about negative 10.  I’m finding myself having to work early in the morning or later at night just to keep up.  That really is a good problem to have!  I’m not complaining.  I dig my work.

Kevin is watching the night weather temps like a hawk.  Freezing temps means the possibility of freezing pipes on the RV so winterizing the unit will probably happen.  He needs to quit freaking me out about the damn weather!  We have been so fortunate to have this warmer November weather to get ready.

What does “winterizing” mean?  Antifreeze in, water out.  Means while on the road for the first few days there will be no running water.  That will certainly make life interesting!

The underbelly of this RV has heat strips which helps, but may not dismiss the use of antifreeze.  The only good thing about that is the antifreeze is pink.  I’m not kidding.

There is no extra time this week for anything that is not on our list!  No hiccups, no new anything.  No other time left.

House sitter lined up.  Thank God for that!  At least our home will not be vacant and we have incredible neighbors who will make sure our home is fine.

Back to it.

Must.  Keep.  Working.

~ Sally