As we begin to load the RV for our adventure, there are weight limits that we must adhere to.

Our truck can pull 30,000 pounds.  The RV can have 20,000 pounds loaded.  Overloading is extremely dangerous and can lead to a myriad of issues.

So, what do you take and what do you store?  Gahhhh!  We have started to look at our “stuff” in terms of poundage instead of “must have”.  Clothes weigh a lot so we are not taking our “dressy” stuff.  Shorts, hiking gear, Harley gear, and a few “nicer” shirts.  Kevin’s Harley leather coat is heavy!  Yet, he NEEDS that, Sally.

Even my earrings have weight!  How will I ever survive without all my earrings?!!!  I think I will learn quickly how to survive.

My Ottsie equipment is going.  Files, two computer systems, one file cabinet, one printer/scanner/copier, etc.  No disagreement on all of that since I work every day.  The garage in our rig is becoming Ottsie on the road.  Corporate office in Utica will house files and another computer system for easy access.

Food has a lot of weight as well.  We will be “buy to eat” people instead of “buy to store” people.  Paradigm shift on that one for sure.  Canned food is heavy.  Coffee has no weight in my opinion!

I’m a holiday kind of gal.  Yet, I will be storing 99.9% of the holiday fare.  Photos are heavy.  Thank goodness for phones and computers so I can still see the people I love any time I want.  Shoes are heavy.  It’s flip flops, hiking shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes and motorcycle boots for us.  Besides, I HATE high heels any more.

The Harleys are loaded and yes, they weigh a lot.  SO, we are working around the 3,000 pounds we have left after the Harleys and the washer/dryer unit that is installed.  You might think 3,000 pounds is a lot, but Kevin has an Excel spreadsheet of what everything weighs.  It is keeping me in check and I, of course, am fighting it every step of the way!

Weight limits are real.

~ Sally