We ride Harley Davidson.  Our choice.  Kevin’s bike is a 2006 Ultra Electric full dresser.  Big guy for sure!  He likes having the storage capacity with the pizza box on the back.  Heavy bike.  His name is “Willie” – after Kevin’s Dad William.



Sally rides a 2003 Anniversary Edition Fat Boy, 1600 cc’s.  She is fast, loud, corners on a dime and of course, has been lowered so Sally can reach the ground!  Her name is “Lizzie” after Sally’s Mom Elizabeth.  Choke to start with a high velocity carb.  She doesn’t like the cold weather!


We wear helmets – again, our choice.  We have a Sena bluetooth microphone unit so we can talk back and forth to each other when we ride.  It’s a lot more fun that way and we believe much safer.  What he doesn’t see she does and vice versa.

Harley.  Our choice.

~ Kevin and Sally