We are not leaving our home because we do not love it.  I get that question a lot.  We are leaving to have the adventure of our lives!

We built this home 16 years ago.  Framed by my cousin Tim Claus, the home has given us so many memories.

Kevin did all the plumbing, the electric, the drywall, made every piece of trim himself, hung the cabinets, painted, etc.  This home was built by love (and a lot of damn hard work!)  It was stick built and solid as a rock!

Lots of holidays spent in this home.  I love to decorate for the holidays and will miss that. Lots of laughter and some tears, of course.  This home has aways embraced us just when we needed it the most.  Our dog, Gracie, loved the huge back yard and chasing the occasional squirrel.  She was a Beagle, of course!

Our son spent his high school years here.  His band in high school, Lieutenant Squirrel, practiced in the basement.  He graduated from high school, college and graduate school in this home.

We love our neighborhood.  We love our neighbors.  We have had some incredible times in this home.  Thank goodness walls do NOT talk!

As we continue to clean out our home, memories are SLAPPING us in the face.  More happy than sad, but memories nonetheless.

We hired a life-long friend as our realtor – George Shanley.  We know George will take good care of our home for us!

We hope the second owners of our home love it as much as we do.  Make as many memories — more good than bad — in this home.  We know they will whoever they are!

We have hired a “house sitter” who will live here until the house sells.  We know he will take good care of our “baby”!

Our Home.  We will miss it.  We will be leaving some tears behind and a lot of beautiful memories.

~ Sally