The auction is over and most of our stuff has been moved to storage.  We have one dresser, one bed, two lawn chairs in the living room, a TV and my office left not including more plastic bins.

Thankfully, we had already purchased a washer/dryer combo unit for the RV before we sold our home units at the auction.  I have no “extra” time to be lugging stuff to the laundry mat!  Plus, I don’t sit still very well and that might just kill me right now.

The house looks HUGE!  We actually hear echoes as we move from room to room!  More people viewing the house to purchase tomorrow so spent time today trying to organize the chaos!  Thankfully, realtors realize we are in the process of moving.  They know their jobs!

The weather has been incredible here the past week making the outside work a breeze.  Kevin has been working feverishly getting everything outside done before we lose this fabulous weather.

We are not quite sure of our departure date yet.  Everything hinges on getting this all accomplished in the next few weeks.  I am working every day and find myself working more efficiently in shorter periods of time.   Amazing how crunch time makes me work “better”!

I do believe it’s Miller time.  Big Cub’s game tonight so we must be ready.

Cleaning up takes a lot of time.

~ Sally