Two days before the big auction.  We went from 2 hayracks to 4 hayracks full in one day and we think they will be full as well.  Trucks, boat, trailers, tools, household items, tables, dressers, couches, blah, blah, blah.  Every time we walk by something else in the house, we think “will we like that in 2 years?  Will it last in storage for 2 more years?”

Remember, I am a “stuff” girl.  I am getting rid of my “stuff”.  Today is Friday and I am still going to purge.  By Monday, I could be in shock from this purge, but for today, I am still okay.  I think.

The only furniture we will have left in our home on Sunday evening will be our bed and one dresser.  The kitchen stools stay since they go with the sale of the house so that is a plus!  To watch any TV in the living room means sitting in lawn chairs!

I shall hug my “stuff” a few more times before Sunday’s auction.  I will probably hug everyone that buys my “stuff” on Sunday.  Just a warning.

Time to get busy.  The sun will be up in a few.  Rise and Yawn.

~ Sally