Closing down a “life” and closing down one “business” is SO HARD!  With every memory, I  am spending too much time reminiscing.  How do you stop doing that?!

I found my Dad’s glasses – he passed in 1998.  I found my Mom’s wallet – she passed in 2008.  I must keep them.  Can’t get past that just yet.

I have spent hours going through old pictures – laughing and crying.  I must keep them.  Baby pictures of our son (who is 32 now).  Cannot throw even one away.  Nope.

I am finding crap that I just cannot BELIEVE I kept!  Pitching.  Some of that crap is so old, it cannot be repurposed!

Our life is in plastic tubs.  Weird to see it all being bubbled wrapped, but it will be like Christmas morning as a 6 year-old when I am once again joined with my “stuff”.

I’m a “stuff” person.  I admit it.

Now, back to packing!

~ Sally